• Edition: Arctic
  • Edition: Blush
  • Edition: Bordeaux
  • Edition: Champagne
  • Edition: Cobalt

Odisea L

Inspired by architectural lines and natural forms, this timeless piece will be your trusty companion as you travel through life. Confidently and elegantly, just as you are.

Skillfully crafted from soft textured bovine leather, with smooth nappa sides and colour accented outline. The structured slate black body is innately shaped by a split, which lends it its distinctive silhouette and practical volume.

  • Description

    Inside, a single compartment provides ample space for your belongings, while opening up generously for easy access. Fully rendered in a vibrant satin-finish nappa leather, it affirms that true beauty comes from within. A flatpocket and signature ensomono imprint, round off its interior.

    A spacious pouch complements its practical side. Use it to keep your smaller items at hand or wear it independently as a clutch. The pouch has three integrated flat/card pockets, and is equally lined with colourful nappa leather.

    The double shoulder strap has a satisfying consistency. Comfortably resting on your shoulder, it can occasionally be worn as a single cross-body/long strap. In addition, you can leave it conveniently on your shoulder when opening the bag.

    The bag simply closes by itself thanks to the looped strap, so no extra closures or magnets have been incorporated. A single ring and EM mark of approval, keeps the hardware to a minimum, not to interfere with the clarity of the design.

  • Details
    Natural grain bovine leather, textured (ES)
    Interior / Straps / Accents / Pouch
    Full grain nappa bovine leather, satin finish (IT)
    Custom plated finish, light gold (IT)
    Dimensions W × H × D
    32.0 × 32.0 × 10 - 17.5 cm
    12.6 × 12.6 × 3.9 - 6.9 inches
    980 g
    Shoulder Straps
    30.0 cm (11.8") double drop / shoulder
    55.0 cm (21.7") single drop / cross-body
    24.0 × 15.0 × 4.0 cm / 9.4 × 5.9 × 1.6 inches
    One full and one divided side/cardpocket
    Fully lined in leather, YKK Excella zipper
    Made by expert artisans in Ubrique, Spain
    hand-stitched straps made in Belgium
    Comes in signature EM cotton dustbag
  • Editions
    • Arctic
    • Blush
    • Bordeaux
    • Champagne
    • Cobalt
  • Edition: Azure
  • Edition: Jade
  • Edition: Fuchsia

Ryo Silk Scarf

Ryo is our new timeless collection of scarves for any season, exuding luxury, authenticity and warmth.

A natural flow of abundance and vibrancy, captured in the finest crêpe de Chine. Available in three lively colours.

  • Details
    100% natural silk / crêpe de Chine
    Dimensions W × H
    63.0 × 160.0 cm
    24.8 × 63 inches
  • Editions
    • Azure
    • Jade
    • Fuchsia
  • “I received the handbag today! It is even more beautiful than I imagined! The elegance of the design is simply brilliant. It's without a doubt the most beautiful bag I've ever seen.

    I don't know what happy chance brought me to your website, but I am delighted that I found it. Thank you so much for sharing your vision and your talent!”

    Marie, Atlanta GA, USA

  • “I'm writing to tell you that I have been stopped by total strangers as well as friends many, many times since I began carrying your beautiful handbag!

    I have emailed several people a link to your website. Everyone absolutely raves about it!”

    Marie, Atlanta GA, USA

  • “Well received. She is over the moon! Congrats on a great product and good communication around it.”

    Greg, Washington DC, USA

The Collection

Taking queues from contemporary art and jewelry design, the keen observer will appreciate the many different layers that blend together in this first collection.

A realm of contrasts, in perfect balance. Slate black, both richly textured and satin smooth. A distinctive contour, marked by a vivid dash of colour and abundant interior. Its lines, both straight and curved, transform into a teardrop-shape that exudes confidence, as it manifests itself firmly, yet elegantly.

Created by the best artisans and crafted from select materials, Odisea is a true companion on life’s journey. The level of care and detail that went into the creation of this collection will not cease to delight you, as it will stand the test of time in both aesthetics as well as lasting quality.

A woman, confident and strong, doesn’t simply wander through it. Firmly grounded, she’ll take the path less travelled if need be, not following the herd as she moves towards her goals and dreams.

She’ll define herself by her own actions, not by what others say, let alone by a brand name scribed over her wardrobe. Like a crafts(wo)man, shaping her life as she sees fit.

The Journey

The Odisea collection did not exactly earn its name by accident. As with any odyssey - after the ancient Greek epic by Homer, a long wandering or voyage usually marked by many changes of fortune / an intellectual or spiritual wandering or quest - it’s been a true journey in every sense of the word.

In order to achieve the high standards we set out from the beginning, many paths were travelled. There are no shortcuts.

And just as Odysseus returned home wiser and stronger, it has shaped ensomono profoundly on many levels. Not simply judged by its tangible outcome, but given the valuable experience it provided along the way: the fundamentals of tomorrow.

Value, not wealth or fame, is the true measure of every craftsman. This is a simple rule we follow in anything we set out to do. Skills are a craftsman’s credentials. It’s what you can do, not what you say or who you know.

So despite the words written here, to us, there’s only one way of rightly expressing ourselves: through the design and craft itself. A never ending process of relentless dedication.

Designed in Belgium

Belgian designer Fabien Franzen builds upon a diverse and thorough background, as a consultant for renowned designers and artists. A craftsman in heart and mind, he eventually set out to create a collection of bags and accessories that strikes a perfect balance between contemporary and timeless values.

Inspired by architectural lines and natural forms, his work is known for being distinctly sculptural, yet understated and practical.

Handmade in Belgium

Our first collection of leather bags and accessories was made by expert artisans in Ubrique, Spain. For more then a century they have been continuously honing and evolving their craft from generation to generation.

However, since 2020 we have our own atelier here in Belgium. With literally everything in our own hands now, we are able to dedicate ourselves to both the design and craftsmanship, all under the same roof. Every piece is now developed and created solely by us.

Enso / Mono

Enso, the circle, symbolizes unity, enlightenment, strength and elegance in all it’s purity and simplicity. It reflects the Japanese aesthetic and Zen-philosophy, usually represented by a calligraphic expression of the moment when the spirit and body is set free to create.

The term mono, also found in the Japanese language, could simply be translated as „thing, object”. However, it not merely encompasses what we can physically touch, but covers everything that we can grasp with our senses and our mind - the primary domain of both designer and craftsman.


The collection of objects we first presented around 2014 is characterized by their pure forms, exquisite materials, refined design and outstanding craftsmanship. Since then, we’ve evolved towards the design and creation of bags and accessories, and use leather as our primary material.

With each piece, the natural beauty of the selected materials and contrasting textures is brought to life in the hands of skilled craftsmen. The result is a coherent ensemble of objects and products that blends authentic values and new insights together in various interesting ways.

Contact & Showroom
Ensomono / Atelier Fabien
Bergstraat 31, 3870, Heers, BELGIUM
map + directions

+32 11 88.57.28

VAT BE 0864.588.120

Visit our showroom from Thursday through Sunday from 11.00 - 17.00 or by appointment.

Any questions or requests will be promptly answered, usually with a few hours after receiving your email. Should you not hear from us within 24 hours, please call us.