UF/O - Shells


polyamide Ø 20 cm

This set of thin, shell-like objects yields a multitude of playful variations on a basic geometric theme, both on their own or complimenting the rest of the UF/O range. Even though each piece has been formed layer-by-layer through a 3D printing process, it's natural appearance easily transcends it's cutting-edge origins.

Like UF/O, this series is derived from a cone devided into discrete rythmic sections. Whereas the wooden toroids represent volume and mass, these thin-walled forms represent a more fragile characteristic: the soft texture and translucent surface - reminiscent of fine paper - truly brings this ensemble to life.

Together with UF/O, a new dimension is created by the interaction of these complementary elements. On their own, when stacked in different configurations, both aesthetic as well as useful characteristics take shape.

The full range of 8 distinct pieces can be reduced to 4 essential objects, as shown. Available on request.

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